New Year, New Fashion!

It’s a new year, and with the new year comes a lot of resolutions. Many choose to start working out, others decide to try out a new skill or others choose to try something new. For a lot of people trying something new means a change of style. With that in mind, we looked through what our favorite idols wore last year and chose some pieces that may give you a little inspiration in what pieces you should add to your new year closet! 

  • Matching Sets

As worn by Seulgi from Red Velvet, matching sets are a staple piece you must have in your closet. These are pieces that will give you a business-like look while still looking refreshing and stylish. Although the sets worn by multiple idols, such as Jennie from BLACKPINK and Sunmi, are a skirt and top, sets come in different variations so that they can be worn throughout the year.

  • Chunky Tennis Shoes

Love them or hate them, chunky tennis shoes are an item you don’t want to miss having in your closet. They can be paired with almost everything you can imagine, from skinny pants to flowy dresses. Take inspiration from idols like Dawn or J-Hope, who chose to wear them very often.

  • Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are the latest craze on denim! Different from the skinny style we are all used to, they offer a more relaxed everyday look. The jeans match perfectly with T-shirt or button-ups, and look amazing on everyone. HyunA, for example, wears these pants with a loose white, long-sleeved shirt and glitter shoes. 

  • Puffy/Big Sleeves

Going with the newtro style, big puffy sleeves made a comeback last year and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. This style is not one that everyone likes; however, they are perfect for looking really stylish for dinners, dates or business meetings. Hwasa from MAMAMOO loves wearing these types of shirts, and she’s not afraid to pair them with jeans, patterned pants, and more.

  • Neon Colors

Bold colors are always a great choice for a daily look. Neon colors are the latest range of tones that idols are loving. From Tiffany Young wearing a neon green mini dress to NCT 127 wearing neon pink outfits for their concert, the colors can be worn in multiple ways and styles. Find a tone you like and add it to different pieces of your closet. 

With all of these choices and styles to choose from, your new year closet will look amazing! Following the style of your favorite idol is always a great idea when you want to try a new look, so don’t be afraid to make a copycat version of their outfits. Is there any idol we missed whose style you like? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Helena Diaz

K-Hip-Hop Playlist for the Hype!

Having a night out with friends? Just want to get pumped by yourself? Maybe just become your very own hype man? This set of songs will get the most out of you, whether you’re movin’ and groovin’ up on the dance floor or swinging to the beat. Accompany your get-ready-session for a night out with the perfect cool and confident playlist to get you in that mood!

  • Sik-K feat. Crush –  “party(SHUT DOWN)”

To get this pre-party started, let’s kick it off with a classic by Sik-K called “party(SHUT DOWN),” featuring Crush. This song will get you in the partying spirit with that special someone or just bop with yourself!

  • Zico – “Any song (아무노래)”

Tired of your everyday routine? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, and Zico has you covered. In an effort to revamp his routine and his friendships, he plays “Any song.” This recently-released song will make your body move to its exciting beat! 

With the song comes a popular trending challenge, taking over the Internet with some of your favorite idols and hip-hop artists like Hwasa, Chunga, and Crush.  Have a go at the “Any Song” Challenge and see if you, too, can do it!

  • pH-1, Kid Milli, Loopy, Qwala (feat. Paloalto) – “Good Day”

Want a fresh and colorful beat? “Good Day” will get you jumping to the rhythm of these rappers’ flow. Love your night out with your friends with this positive contagious vibe! 

  • Sik-K, HAON, pH-1, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park (Prod. GroovyRoom) – “GIDDY UP”    

Love AOMG or H1gher Music? Then this song has you covered! Coming from the best rappers this label offers and many more, their hardcore verses will make you want to “Live it Up!” with them. 

  •   GIRIBOY, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Swings (Prod. By GIRIBOY) – “Flex”

A beat full of hype and lux, it is. This song will help you prepare for your night out, making you feel like a billion bucks and flexing your very best self. So, gather your best clothes and bathe yourself in this confidence-boosting melody!

Yumdda (Prod. by BRLLNT) – “돈 Call Me” 

This enthusiastically charming song will surely get you feeling pumped up! Leaving any doubt for your night out behind, bring out your best self and hit the streets because you got it! 

Now, get out there and have hyped night! Listen to different songs and just let it move you! Maybe you’ll find your anthem! Comment down below with your favorite must-have pre-party song?

Cover Image: ZICO (Stardom Entertainment)
Written by Kimberly Mendoza

5 Korean Snacks to Warm You Up This Winter

It is officially winter! Which means staying inside and cuddling up in warm blankets and fuzzy socks while binge watching your favorite K-drama. Do you know what would make the winter binge-watching even better? SNACKS! These five snacks will warm your body temperature up while the outside temperature plummets. 

  • Ramen

Ramen is a go-to snack for many people, especially during the winter months. The hot broth alone would hit the spot, but the noodles are an added yummy bonus. You can choose any flavour and any spice level to help you warm up.  

  • Hot Brew Coffee – Babinski

There are a plethora of coffee flavours on the market. Some of these coffees also come with K-pop idols faces on the bottle like the BTS Hot Brew by Babinski. The hot brew comes in one flavour, Americano; and you can choose which member you want!

  • Yuja Tea

This traditional Korean tea is made from yuja marmalade that you mix into hot water. Not only does this tea warm you up, but it has many health benefits such as a high vitamin C count, it can help with digestion and lower blood pressure, and it can help with common colds, especially during the winter. 

  • Samyang Tteokbokki

This type of tteokbokki is perfect for a winter snack! The Rice cakes will instantly warm you up and it’s the perfect size to hold and eat while curled up on your couch. All you have to do is add hot water to the fill line, microwave for a few minutes, and then you have a delicious snack to indulge on! With the Samyang brand, you can get hot original, chicken, or extremely spicy. 

A little snack hack: Add your tteokbokki to your ramen for another level of flavour!

  • Ho-Ppang (Steamed Buns)

Ho-ppangs are the convenience store version of jjinppang. They are steamed buns that are stuffed with a variety of ingredients. Meat and vegetables and cheese are just two savory options you can find. Sweet red bean paste is an option for a sweeter version. These steamed buns are kept in warmers in convenience stores and are a perfect snack to grab on your way home this winter 

These are all great snacks on any day, but they make the cold months a little easier (and tastier) to get through. What are some of your favorite winter snacks to enjoy? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Written by Brianna Giles

MAMAMOO’S Moonbyul Announces Second Solo Album and Concert

Raise your radishes high, MOOMOOS! MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul is coming back with her second solo album!

After months of rumors and speculation among the fandom, it seems like everyone’s prayers have been answered: your favorite girl crush rapper is releasing her second solo album Dark Side of the Moon and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The announcement was made through the group’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts, featuring a release schedule that includes album pre-orders, a pre-release and the announcement of Moonbyul’s first solo concert on April 4. 

MAMAMOO’s main rapper is no stranger to solo work, making her solo debut with 2018’s Selfish (the title track of which featured none other than Red Velvet’s Seulgi), and having released and collaborated on a plethora of independent work outside of her group.

2019 was a year of resounding success for MAMAMOO — both as a group and through the members’ solo projects — and 2020 promises to raise the bar even higher. MAMAMOO’s leader SOLAR gave fans a taste of what is to come for the group’s individual projects with her collaboration with soloist rapper and singer KASSY earlier this month, raising fans’ expectations regarding the members’ projects after the success that was their latest comeback as a group, HIP.

So far, very little is known about what Dark Side of the Moon will bring. Fans of the group are expecting to see a darker side of the rapper, a stark contrast against the bright and cheery colors that took center stage during her Selfish era. There is no doubt that Moonbyul has the talent and range to pull off a darker concept, if that is what she chooses to showcase with this album, but for the moment it is all speculation based on the art released.

With more than thirty-five song credits under her belt and a long history of raising the bar for all K-pop rappers, Moonbyul’s second solo album has been long expected, and the announcement of her first solo concert coming later in the year is as surprising as it is celebrated.

Will you be pre-ordering Dark Side of the Moon? What do you think of the sudden announcement? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul (RBW)
Written by Vale Papili

Fall in Love with ‘LA TRAINS,’ a New Collab by DAY6’s Jae and 88rising

When we heard the news about this collab, we could barely hold in our excitement! DAY6’s Jae (or eaJ as he’s been referring to himself lately) joins forces with 88rising to give us a short and sweet love song.

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Goodluck guise 🕺

A post shared by eaJ – Jae of DAY6 🎸 (@eajpark) on

“LA TRAINS” is simply played, with only an acoustic guitar and Jae’s soothing voice. It talks about how he doesn’t want to forget a moment, how he is stuck in it because it was so beautiful. 

The song is also the first video he has uploaded in a year to his YouTube channel, JaeSix, which he has kept for a long time. Prior to release, there was speculation about whether or not this is his solo debut, to which Jae answered that it isn’t — it’s just a personal project he wanted to share with MyDay. 

The lyrics from the song have also caused a mayhem in the MyDay community. Why? Jae decided to not reveal one line of lyrics, which made everyone try to do some lip-reading to guess the words. He tweeted that if anyone guessed what the lyrics were, he would verify it. 

Check out the lyrics and the song below:

I’m stuck in this moment
Cause it shines beautiful
So do these streetlights
And so do you
Wish we could stay here
Without so much as blinking
Keep you in my eyeline

This is just a small taste of what Jae has in store for us as many more surprises are coming alongside 88Rising so keep an eye out for all of them. Check out Jae’s Soundcloud, and let us know what you thought of “LA TRAINS” in the comments below!

Cover Image: DAY6’s eaJ (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Helena Diaz

BTS Connects Fans with the World of Visual Arts

Throughout history, art patronage refers to the financial support wealthier individuals have provided to painters, musicians, and sculptors. It has remained a crucial part of the artistic scene even to this day.

Joining the art world as patrons, in January 2020, pop supergroup BTS launched their latest project under the name of CONNECT, BTS. An initiative that, as its name states, aims to connect twenty-two artists of different mediums in an effort to blur the preexisting boundaries in art and its different disciplines.

This project encompasses five cities: London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, and New York. Each city will showcase an unique exhibitions.

Various international curators were carefully chosen to work on the technical aspects of  CONNECT, BTS. The project is being led by art director Daehyun Lee, who also serves on the jury of the Ars Electronica Festival’s STARTS Prize and was previously part of the Hyundai Motor Company. 

The project launched in London on January 14, starting with the piece Catharsis by Danish artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen; a stunning digital simulation of an old-growth forest that will run in the Serpentine Galleries and online through the official website until March 6. 

BTS did not stop at the conventional definition of art when choosing the objects of their patronage. The exhibition in Berlin showcased Rituals of Care, a carefully curated series of performances by more than thirteen artists and curated by Stephanie Rosenthal and Noémie Solomon.

For their Seoul showcase, BTS partnered with Yiyun Kang. The exhibition titled Beyond The Scene pays homage not only to the group’s international name but also to their dance movements through moving images. They also partnered with British artist Ann Veronica Janssens to bring a sensory experience through light, space, and color. 

With New York coming up, many are eagerly waiting to see what this exhibition has to offer. The alleged involvement of known British sculptor Anthony Gormley is perhaps the most talked-about teaser. Fans both of the band and the artist himself cannot wait for what the creator of pieces such as the Angel of the North and Quantum Cloud has prepared for a project of such huge scale.

Entrance to the exhibitions is completely free, with all costs covered by BTS in what many are considering an effort to further spread art education while uniting ARMYs and non-fans alike through the world of art.

For more information on the project and the different exhibitions — as well as access the band’s personal interviews with the artists — go to the official website,

What do you think about BTS’s foray into visual art? Would you be attending any of the exhibitions? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: BTS (BigHit Entertainment) 
Written by Vale Papili

An Introduction to Korean Minimalism

Inspired by the western trend of “healthy living,” minimalism has experienced a significant rise in Korean culture. Unlike neighboring Japan’s minimalistic trend being completely clutter-free, Korean minimalism presents itself more flexible and achievable, setting its bases in neutral tones and natural textures. Let’s take a closer look at this very pleasing trend.

  • Neutral Color Schemes

One word to describe this trend is also perhaps its most important aspect: cohesive. The minimalist, clutter-less look is achieved by sticking to a single, cohesive color story, with neutral and nude colors taking center stage.

Unlike Japan’s trend that finds its origins in the need for smaller living spaces and the lack of material things this lifestyle entails, Korea’s minimalism focuses on creating a sense of unity with a sprinkle of brighter colors to add life to the carefully crafted compositions we see on social media.

  • Use of Textures

When thinking of minimalism, smooth, chrome-like decorations may come to mind. But South Korea has seen a rise in the popularity of more natural, “every day” textures and furniture.

Wood, leaves, leather, and other textiles are some of the most popular elements featured, as they help in the creation of a more natural and effortless look. Textiles, in particular, are attractive for the addition of color and patterns to otherwise completely neutral backgrounds.

Contrary to the famously sleek and smooth Western minimalism, the Korean trend has a more “lived in” air, giving the illusion of achievability and everyday life as it takes advantage of the vintage and rustic trends in interior decoration and architecture.

  • Organized Clutter

Korean minimalism has no issues with materialism, this being its main difference against its international counterparts. Those who choose this minimalist lifestyle do not have to say goodbye to 90% of their belongings, just learn how to organize them to look clean and orderly. This trend really is the epitome of the proverbial notion “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Yes, contrary to popular belief, clutter is not discouraged in this branch of living with less! Books, teacups, and all manner of trinkets collected over the years that were considered clutter become part of the decoration, adding to the feeling of a home that has been lived in and loved.

As minimalism sees a rise in popularity all across the world, the Korean branch of this trend rises as well. Thousands of Instagram users flock to these minimalist Korean accounts for inspiration, or to simply stare at the carefully curated photographs that exude a sense of homeliness difficult to find. With such stunning, achievable aesthetics, it’s not difficult to see why so many choose this lifestyle!

What do you think of Korean minimalism? Let us know in the comments below if you are planning to add some of these into your everyday life.

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Written by Vale Papili

(G)I-DLE Announces First-Ever World Tour: I-Land

Neverlands, gear up! Your favorite power rookies are touring the world, and there’s a high chance they’ll be in your city this year!

The official tour dates and cities for (G)I-DLE’s I-Land: Who Am I Tour dropped on January 28. They’ll be kicking off their tour in Bangkok on April 4, careening over to the States and Canada for the remainder of the month and into the first week of May, and heading on over to Europe from May 17.

The group will also give a quick wave to Aussie Neverlands in Melbourne and Sydney on June 5 and June 7, respectively; before heading back to Southeast Asia, and then finally wrapping things up in Seoul in July! What a list! Do you see your city anywhere?

It’s only natural they would showcase their talent to the world. They’ve gained lots of support and attention since day one, and for good reason: Even with only two mini-albums so far, their discography is really strong! The group announced on January 22 that they would be going on their first-ever world tour, I-Land: Who Am I, and the cities were revealed six days later.

Since this is (G)I-DLE’s very first world tour, fans around the world can be sure to see some absolutely smashing performances that blast all expectations through the roof and beyond!

(G)I-DLE is a six-member girl group that debuted under Cube Entertainment on May 2, 2018 with “Latata,” the title track of their first mini-album I Am.  From the upbeat summery pop vibes of “Maze” to the haunting ballad of “Put It Straight” to the girl crush hip-hop concept of “Uh-Oh,” there’s definitely something for everyone!

Did you know that the leader of the group, Jeon Soyeon, is the mastermind behind most of their music? Yep, she’s like a lioness — she produces and writes a lot of the songs with the occasional help from her fellow members, and that is what truly gives their discography a powerful edge!

Are you excited to see the girls potentially perform in your city? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: (G)I-DLE (Cube Entertainment)
Written by: Hamsini Pratapa

An In-Depth Look at DAY6’s Heart-Stopping ‘Emergency’ Choreo

The South Korean band DAY6 is usually known for their amazing vocals and incredible ability to play their respective instruments, but the group finished 2019 by revealing their true secret talent: dance.

While the group’s choreography of their song “Emergency” was unveiled during their Christmas Special Concert, “The Present,” the band graced those unable to attend by uploading a music video of it. 

The video consists of a myriad of wonderful edits that show the absolutely outstanding popping, locking, and overall rocking of each of the group’s members; including lead guitarist Jae, keyboardist Wonpil, rhythm guitarist Sungjin, bassist Young K, and drummer Dowoon.

While the track is enough to get you up on your feet and dancing, the eye-catching visuals and choreography is an additional inspiration to groove to the electrifying beats. The group does have moments where they all dance together; however, each member’s style is so unique that they all deserve an analysis of their own right.

  • Jae

Both online and on-stage, Jae is well-known for his exuberant energy that gives an aura of an independent and proud persona. The same energy can be found in his part of the choreography, which embodies the phrase “dance like nobody is watching.” Switching drastically from subtle arm movements to wild and proud body maneuvers, Jae’s dance is reminiscent of a transition from “shy kid in the corner of a school dance” to “dad determined to embarrass his son at a family barbecue.”

  • Wonpil

Wonpil is most notable for his voice that somehow perfectly balances gentleness and power. However, his colorful dancing skills are nothing to overlook, either. Where one may look at their elbows and knees and see nothing but joints, Wonpil looks at these parts of his body as methods of expression, and much like the song itself, his moves demonstrate an electricity-like flow.

  • Young K

Despite being known as one of the group’s most striking visuals, Young K’s physical abilities show that he is much more than a pretty face. As the group’s bassist, he holds an exemplary control over the performance of his instrument, and his singing fits the themes of a multitude of songs. His dancing in “Emergency,” which appears to be inspired by the street dance style of “krumping,” decorates the video with his bold and expressive movements. 

Fun Fact: While group dances aren’t common, one incident during a DAY6 TV appearance has become a reoccurring joke amongst fans. It involved Young K performing a math-graph dance on After School Club, where he used his body to depict concepts like “minus,” “plus,” and “fraction.”

  • Sungjin

Fitting for the leader of DAY6, Sungjin can often be found at the center of the group during the choreography. Not only do his quirky movements and presentation charm the audience while he dances, but Sungjin’s carefree and endearing movements display that he only has one goal in mind amidst the edits of spinning sunflowers, falling fried chicken, and jarring ambulances: grooving.

  • Dowoon

As the youngest of the band, Dowoon is often shown to bear a very cutesy personality, and his performance “Emergency” is no different. His personality is so appealing that his role extends beyond dancing, and he can be seen acting within the video in multiple cases, primarily during the transitions. His role as the group’s youngest is evident as well, he can be seen mimicking the beating of a heart alongside his older members towards the end of the video.

The world of K-pop dances can often be viewed as a very intimidating and complex place, but DAY6’s choreography for “Emergency” doesn’t take itself too seriously and instead focuses on the electric and energetic feeling of the song. 

What did you think of the performance video? How would you portray the song’s energy? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: DAY6 (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Kyle Voong

CHERRYKOKO Grows in Recognition for Celebrity Apparel

While K-pop and K-beauty have taken the world by storm within the past decade, K-fashion is now making its own statement on a global level. Audiences like researching styles and brands that can be seen on K-dramas, Korean films, and in music videos. People even keep an eye out for celebrities on their way to the airport or during their time being a guest on a variety show to see what they’re wearing. With the benefit of e-commerce, Korean fashion stores are able to ship globally and give people all over the world a chance to try on clothes that make them feel closer to the idol that inspires them.    

Fashion in Korea has a wide spectrum of different types of apparel. Designs can reach those who want to wear streetwear, those who want a sophisticated look, and designs even partner with brands such as NBA and MLB apparel for special collaborations. While K-fashion can reach various types of shoppers through its unique style, Korean stores have their own reputation for a certain look and aesthetic. 

So, at which K-fashion store do celebrities shop? One store that has been picking up its reputation for celebrity apparel is CHERRYKOKO. Founded in 2005 by Ji Dong Hyun, the brand is known for its sophisticated, casual, and simple aesthetic.  The shop has a storefront in Seoul, South Korea and has an online store that can be translated in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.   

Since more celebrities started wearing CHERRYKOKO apparel, the business is starting to market it’s apparel through the lens of high profile picks. While CHERRYKOKO has Instagram profiles specific to Korea, Japan, China, and a global audience; on November 19, 2019, the store launched a new Instagram profile that is specific for recognizing celebrities wearing CHERRYKOKO apparel.

These celebrity sightings showcase which actress, model, or idol wore a particular piece or outfit from the brand. Using the marketing tool of giving shoppers an idea of which famous celebrities buy their clothing is a smart move. Idols Hyuna and IU or actresses like Jo Yoon-hee and Jung In-sun are some of the celebrities that have worn CHERRYKOKO pieces for photoshoots, shows, or going to the airport.

Is apparel from CHERRYKOKO expensive?
It depends on what you get! CHERRYKOKO has everything from accessories to tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, and more.  All categories of apparel will range in price from low to expensive. If you like sales, the store always has apparel on their outlet tab on their website. Discounts can go up as high as 70%!  You can also check out some of CHERRYKOKO’s special events through following their Instagram profiles. Special events include getting a lucky box with a surprise inside for free!   

Can CHERRYKOKO ship globally?
Yes, they can ship globally. Another great fact about this store is that their online store is user friendly and simple to navigate. Their business even has contact information written in English, Japanese, and Chinese if a shopper cannot read Hangul.

Thinking about checking out some of CHERRYKOKO’s apparel? You can see new products, special events, discounted events, and keep up with celebrities wearing their apparel by following their Korea account on Instagram!  Happy shopping! 

Cover Image: WH3N & BOL4
Written by Jenna Tokioka