K-Pop Fan Photo Op: Laundry Pizza

No matter how much of a K-pop fan you are, being able to visit a video filming location or a photoshoot location sounds like a dream come true. Well, at Laundry Pizza, you can do exactly that and get your grub on at the same time. 

Located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and just a few blocks walk from Gangnam station, Laundry Pizza is a staple spot for photoshoots and video shoots of K-pop idols. Major names in K-pop such as I.O.I, who shot the cover photos for their Miss Me? album here, BTS who did their album shoot for the E Edition of their Love Yourself: HER album, SHINee’s Key did a photoshoot for Instyle Korea here back in 2016, EXID filmed some scenes of their choreography video for L.I.E here, and many other artists such as GOT7, APink, and Henry have all filmed and posed in front of those iconic washers and dryers. 

Although it may seem so from the photos, Laundry Pizza is far from being an actual laundromat. Though, the attention to detail surely feeds the aesthetic. Baskets on the wall meant for towels actually contain red pepper flakes and garlic powder, and a table meant to look like an ironing and cleaning station is actually a tray return and garbage disposal. The bright logo patterns on the walls and the carefully painted laundry machines sunken into the walls are sure to catch anyone’s eye, K-pop fan or not. 

Then there’s the food, the homemade pizza. The style of pizza Laundry Pizza has to offer would most definitely be considered New York-style, the crust is very thin and crisp—almost like thin and crispy toast, and in the best way possible. The size of their slices is a bit out of the ordinary for Korea, a country known for their perfectly triangular and small pizza slices. Laundry Pizza serves up a big slice that takes up your whole plate, definitely making the 5,500 won price tag worth it. Some unique toppings they offer include mac and cheese, potato slices, spinach bacon, and their own self-titled Laundry Pizza slice. Laundry Pizza doesn’t carry some of the bells and whistles other pizza restaurants in Korea tend to have, their menu is limited to pizza and fountain drinks, but what they lack in menu size they surely make up for in reputation and aesthetic. 

After fueling yourself with oven fresh pizza, it’s time to take some precious photos. For the most opportunities to take some sweet shots, we recommend visiting on a weekday because although the space is big, on weekends and Friday nights it gets packed very quickly and it would be best to avoid fighting with fellow fans over the seat BTS Jimin sat in. And although it’s tempting to get the same perfect shot as Key from SHINee, we really don’t encourage you to sit on the tables, for the sake of not getting yelled at by employees.  

Whether you’re a K-pop fan looking for the perfect selca day concept or you’re a New York-style pizza lover in Seoul in desperate need of a taste of home, hit up Laundry Pizza with some friends and enjoy the atmosphere. And don’t forget to take some complimentary laptop stickers on the way out!

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Written by Justine Shaffer

QUIZ: Which Lady of K-Pop is Your Style Match?

In addition to gifting us with their bangin’ tunes, K-pop idols are known for their creative and unique style choices. Stars have been seen rocking business attire with ripped jeans in airports, cute summer dresses, and personalized accessories. Some of their most worn pieces are easily available to us fans, but they seem to have a talent for putting things together in ways we could never imagine! We love obsessing over the fashion choices of our favorite celebs, but which look best fits your style?

Let us help you pinpoint some new sources of style inspiration in this fun quiz!

Who did you get? Do you agree with the results?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Abby Kotar

Egg Buns and Egg Puns 🥚

Warning⚠️: Many egg puns ahead!

Have you guys ever tried the eggcellent egg bun? We’re referring to the delicious treat, not the just as eggstraordinary Eggbun Education. If not you should scramble to get some!

The egg bun is a must-try Korean street food, eggspecially popular in Myeongdong. In Korean, it is called gyeranppang (계란빵) and is a fluffy, oval-shaped loaf of bread with a whole egg inside or on top. The treat is both sweet and savory. It is served warm, which makes it a great winter street food.

You can find stands shelling these impeggable treats all over. Normally if there are a lot of street food stands, you will definitely be able to find it. Therefore, if you have the opportunity be sure to get in line to try one!

Do not worry yolks, gyeranppang can be customized with sauces and some stands may add cheese into the bun. This means you can enjoy the already delicious treat even more by having it suit your taste buds.

Overall, the egg bun is definitely a speggcial treat. Omletting you know that you most likely won’t be dissatisfied. Sorry if you were underwhelmed or overwhelmed with the amount of egg puns, but please don’t let that stop you from giving it a fry!

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Written by Catherine Tai

A Trip to Hannam-Dong with Baekhyun and NCT

EXO member Baekhyun had his much anticipated solo album release in the month of July with his title track “UN Village.” The saucy and romantic lyrics describe Baekhyun wanting to take his lover to “Hannam-dong UN Village hill,” so they can get away from their busy lives and explore their romance together. Fans living outside of Korea may not understand the significance of the location Baekhyun describes in the song, so let’s take a look at UN Village, and some of the eccentricities the Hannam-dong neighborhood has to offer.

Hannam-dong lies within the district of Yongsan-gu in Seoul. Located in central Seoul, Yongsan, similar to Hongdae and Myeongdong, is known for being a district with heavy tourist traffic. Within the district lies Itaewon, a famous foreigner hotspot in Korea. It is also home to Namsan (Seoul) Tower along with Namsan Tower Park, and the National Museum of Korea.

Exploring the greater areas of Yongsan is definitely a must for anyone traveling to Korea; you can experience the views of Seoul from the top of Namsan Tower and then head down into Itaewon for some delicious food. Itaewon is well-known for catering to an international palette; it is home to many foriegn restaurants including Italian cuisine (Section A) and even Indian cuisine (Taj Place)

Deeper into Yongsan we find the Hannam-dong neighborhood, an area that since 2010 has become well-known for its trendy, ritzy atmosphere and streets lined with boutiques, cafes, and bars decorated to make any millennial swoon. As per Baekhyun’s lyrics, UN Village is a gated community of luxury villas on a sweeping hillside, allowing residents a top dollar view of the Han River and mountains of Seoul. A luxury apartment on this street can cost upwards of $2.5 million USD [source]. 

Fun fact: Hannam-dong is named for its proximity to both the Han River and Namsan tower. 

For those of us who have yet for Baekhyun to sweep us off our feet and take us to a luxury villa retreat, there is still plenty to do in Hannam-dong that doesn’t require a padlock code.

NCT members Johnny and Jaehyun’s vlog “JJDate” is referred to by fans as their “Yongsan tour vlog,” in which they visit a number of tourist hotspots in Hannam-dong. Their first stop being Oneinamillion cafe, a trendy spot adorned in millennial pink and serving up Insta-worthy coffee and cakes, they even give you a second cup to take home as a souvenir. The second stop being Blue Square, a culture complex dedicated to showcasing performing arts but it also includes a massive public library, any bookstagram lovers dream. In the vlog, Johnny and Jaehyun explore the library and discover plenty of places for aesthetic pictures. 

More good news for music lovers, Hannam-dong is also home to a fabulous record store, Vinyl and Plastic. The two-story store is a massive space that holds vinyl records from artists all over the world and even has some iconic movie soundtracks on vinyl, such as Interstellar. The second floor is mostly comprised of jewel case cds from international artists and packaged albums from K-pop artists. This store actually had some incredible and rare finds in their K-pop section, including the Essay Version of Jonghyun’s Story Op. 2 album, which has been out of print since 2017, and it was marked at its original price. 

Just by walking the streets of Hannam-dong, you can take a peek inside the delicately decorated boutiques lining the streets. Huge, intricate art pieces decorate their walls, and the soft, warm light from exposed lightbulbs hanging from the ceilings cast the stores in an orangey glow. Complete with dark green plants and oddly shaped mirrors, the bountiques of Hannam-dong truly tie together the neighborhood in a stunning, millennial pink bow. 

The Yongsan and Hannam-dong areas are rich with beautiful and memorable attractions that any tourist or local would swoon over. Although there are neighborhoods in Seoul that offer a similar vibe such as Hapjeong, Hannam-dong carries not only a glamorous but an influential vibe because of its location in the heart of Seoul.

If you have a taste for the finer things, and you’re willing to spend $8 on coffee, Hannam-dong is the place for you. 

Cover Image: Baekhyun (SM Entertainment)
Written by Justine Shaffer

Interactive Cafes in Korea!

When travelling, people need a nice place to relax and unwind. Coffee shops can be just that, but sometimes, they can turn any ordinary afternoon coffee stop into an extraordinary experience. Korea is no stranger to specialty coffee shops, ranging from animal to even bathroom themed cafes. There are cafés that cover almost anything. If you are looking for more interactive cafes, there are plenty of places like that to go with your friends or even just by yourself!

  • Princess Diary – Dress Up 

Have the tea time of your dreams in Shin-chon at Princess Diary. After enjoying your coffee and snacks, take your time to try out a gown and dress up as a princess. You can even have a little photo shoot and live out the fantasy of being royalty. You have to reserve a time slot, so while you’re there, make the most of it because the longest you can have a reservation is one hour. The dresses range from 10,000 to 45,000 won. 

  • Giant Archery 리얼양궁카페 – Archery Cafe

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports lover or just want to try something new, head over to Hongdae where you can learn archery. Beginners and experienced archers are welcome at Giant Archery! For those new to the sport, there is an instructor to help you get that perfect shot, while having an espresso shot. Everything is indoors, so matter what the weather, you’ll be able to have fun. It is 10,000 won for thirty arrows or 15,000 won for an hour.

  • Banji Cafe – Jewellery Making 

Sometimes a handmade piece of jewellery can beat out any other gift. Try your hand at crafting a ring at the Banji Market in Hongdae. Even if you don’t know how to craft jewellery at all, there is an experienced staff that will help you along the way. While your ring is being completed in the cafe, there is a rooftop deck where you can sip on coffee until it’s done. Just the ring band prices range from 40,000 to 60,000 won, and there are extra costs included with any additions like gems or engravings. 

  • Halli Galli Alluvial Gold Mining Experience Cafe – Mining 

When you’re in Hongdae and in the need for a little adventure indoors, Halli Galli Alluvial Gold Mining Experience Cafe is just the place. You can sift through dirt to find bits and pieces of gold and diamond. Exchanges of these findings can be made to receive bigger rewards. One ticket costs roughly 17,000 won, the price includes a beverage and a bottle to hold all of your discoveries! 

  • First Class Cafe – First Class Flight Experience

Never been able to experience first class on a flight? First Class Cafe is here to help! A fifteen minute session is 7,000 won and thirty minutes is 13,000 won, no reservations needed. There are different flights around the world that you can choose from. You’ll be given a bag filled with a mask and covers. This is to cover your eyes and feet while you are in the massage chair. First Class Cafe will have you on cloud nine by the end of your session. After you can enjoy a drink and waffle, which is included with the flight session. Head over to Hongdae to get your next flight!

  • DB Story Cafe – DIY Phone Case 

When you are feeling a creative spark, DB Story Cafe in Hongdae has you covered. Create your very own phone case. There are so many case bases to choose and thousands of accessories to add on. Design whatever your heart desires, whether it be K-pop or grunge-themed, they have everything you could need. Plus, the prices aren’t that bad! The most you could be paying for is 20,000 won depending on what your pick out and it includes the case and glue that you use. 

While having a nice, aesthetically-pleasing cafe to chill at, either by yourself or with friends, is great, explore and experience interactive cafes to get more out of your time! Having not only the memories but also physical pieces or pictures is something you can look back on. Also, many of these locations are in Hongdae, so why not make a day out of cafe hopping! 

Would you want to try out any of these cafes? Which ones do you think are the most interesting?

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Written by Avery Souders 

American Remakes of Popular Korean TV Shows

With the advances of technology and recent increase and popularity of online streaming services, it is now not only easy to binge-watch one’s favourite programs but also to watch shows wherever and whenever. Furthermore, our media selection is now not limited by geographical location. For many of us, growing up, we watched the movies and television shows produced and released in our country. Today, we have the option and opportunity to view entertainment from all over the world. Many of us at FeverGuys have discovered our interest in Korean culture through Korean entertainment, such as K-dramas. K-dramas continue to inspire not only us, but even the American entertainment industry, resulting in the remake of several of the most popular Korean shows in recent years. Here are a few to check out:

  • King of Mask Singer (미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕)The Masked Singer

Airing from 2015 to currently, the show is so successful that they even released a studio album with selections by some of the competitors. Singing competition shows have been all the rage everywhere, especially in the United States with hits such as American Idol and The Voice. Similar to the concept of The Voice’s blind auditions, the objective of King of Mask Singer is to remove any potential biased voting based on popularity, age, appearance, or career and have them them be judged by talent alone as contestants wear elaborate masks to hide their identity until they are eliminated. 

In the American adaptation, they take the concept to the next level by having celebrity contestants in head-to-toe costumes. The celebrity cast also includes host Nick Cannon, singer Nicole Scherzinger, singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, television personality Jenny McCarthy, and Korean-American comedian Ken Jeong, who appeared on the original show as a contestant before the remake’s debut as a way to pay respects. Ahead of the U.S. premiere, Korean celebrities, such as K-pop groups, Wanna One, BTS, and WINNER appeared in videos showing their support for the show, encouraging fans to watch. It is not surprising that King of Mask Singer is so beloved that it would become adapted for American audiences, considering even American celebrities have competed on the original, including not only Jeong but also actor Ryan Reynolds.

The second season of The Masked Singer will premiere fall 2019. 

  • God’s Gift: 14 Days (신의 선물 – 14일)Somewhere Between

With one season of just sixteen episodes (a norm for K-dramas), God’s Gift: 14 Days is a mystery-thriller that tells the story of mother Kim Soo-hyun (Mother’s Lee Bo-young) whose daughter gets kidnapped and murdered. Miraculously, Soo-hyun is given “God’s gift” to go back in time just two weeks prior to the horrific event and prevent it from happening. 

The American adaptation follows a similar premise, but in this, mother Laura Price (Warcraft‘s Paula Patton) is given just a week while she assists the police to hunt down a serial killer. In both versions, the mother works alongside a cop-turned-PI whose significant other is murdered and his brother is convicted with the crime. However, the remake was canceled after the first season with only ten episodes. 

  • Good Doctor (굿 닥터)The Good Doctor 

The award-winning Korean medical drama, Good Doctor focuses on Park Si-on (Yong-pal’s Joo Won), an autistic savant who, as a child, is discovered with both spatial skills and a genius-level memory. The show focuses on his life as he has entered into a career as a pediatric surgeon, facing conflict with peers who judge and struggle with his atypical condition. He is given six months to prove himself as the show consists of one season with twenty episodes. 

Actor Daniel Dae Kim (Lost and Hawaii Five-0) bought the rights for the show for his company and proposed his adaptation to his home network CBS who decided against even making a pilot. Kim bought back the rights from CBS and worked out a deal with Sony and House creator David Shore. Today, the show has reached a great success as its third season premieres September 2019 on ABC with its star Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) receiving high praise for his performance as the young autistic surgeon with savant syndrome, Shaun Murphy. 

  • Grandpas Over Flowers (꽃보다 할배)Better Late Than Never

The Korean travel-reality show, Grandpas Over Flowers (also known as Grandfathers Over Flowers or Halbae Over Flowers) began its series following four veteran actors—Park Geun-hyung, Shin Goo, Baek Il-seob, and Lee Soon-jae—as they backpack while traveling abroad with Lee Seo-jin (Marriage Contract), an actor in his forties. The series has defied the youth-centric entertainment industry of South Korea and has achieved great success, winning awards, influencing the sales for Korean airlines, with currently five seasons, spin-offs Sisters Over Flowers and Youth Over Flowers, and Chinese, Dutch, and American remakes. 

The American remake, Better Late Than Never follows cultural icons, actors William Shatner (Star Trek) and Henry Winkler (Happy Days), along with former professional athletes George Foreman and Terry Bradshaw, on a journey across the world as they live without luxuries while experiencing and learning from other cultures. Both their assistance and antagonist comes from “Jeff Dye, a strong young tech-savvy comedian with an agenda of his own – who isn’t above leading the men off track.” In the first season, the five men traveled across Asia, including South Korea, where they met the K-pop icons, Girls’ Generation, and visited Seoul, Itaewon, the Korean Demilitarized Zone, Hwaseong Fortress, and Caribbean Bay. The show was canceled after two seasons. Nonetheless, it was the first time one of South Korea’s variety shows had been adapted for American audiences. 

  • YooHoo & Friends (유후와 친구들)YooHoo & Friends

YooHoo & Friends is a successful children’s television series based on a toyline of the same name, following the adventures of YooHoo and his friends, animals who are sent to Earth accidentally. The friends “must find the missing magical seeds of the Tree of Life to get back to their home.” There are three seasons, and this year, YooHoo to the Rescue, a revival of the series, became Netflix’s first South-Korean children’s show. 

It was remade in America, premiered on Cartoon Network and altered to “better fit western television, including the story’s plot. The show became about “a group of humans who are turned into animals by Father Time.” Basically, the show was re-dubbed with a change of dialogue and an addition of four minutes of content to each episode, and Flavor Flav is Father Time. It ran for only one season. 

Which of these K-dramas or its American remake is your favourite? What K-drama do you hope to be remade next? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Tiffany Simms

Spend a Day in L.A.’s K-Town

If you ever find yourself in the sunny city of Los Angeles, there are hidden gems at every corner. K-town is no exception. There are countless delicious restaurants, interesting stores, and places to take aesthetic pictures. So if you want a bite to eat or just want to explore, here are six places to drop by:


  • Yellow House Cafe

Whatever you’re craving, you can probably find it here. The yellow house cafe is much more than your usual cafe. There you’ll find lattes and pastries and also Korean classics like cheese tteokbokki and kimchi fried rice. They also have fusion foods like matcha shaved ice, kimchi and bacon pasta, kimbap, s’mores, and pork cutlets. The cafe is also very aesthetically pleasing so you can get a couple of good pictures to show off to your friends. 

  •  Street Food of Seoul

Looking for classic Korean meals, look no further. Street Food of Seoul at the Wilshire Center has just about everything. You can get snacks like rice cakes, glass noodle tempura, or fried dumplings. Here are a variety of rolls you can choose from if you want a quick meal. They also have savoury entrees like spicy cold noodles, hamburg steak, and udon. On a hot day, you can get a sikhye or rice punch shake. They also have an assortment of cool teas and smoothies you can enjoy as well!


  • Choice Music

Based in the Koreatown Galleria, Choice Music has it all. From LOONA to VIXX, in-store, you can find pins, lightsticks, CD’s, and more! They even selling art prints of many different groups as well. Choice Music gives away some extra photocards when you purchase an album! This store has more of a modern vibe with its sleek shelves and black and white color pattern. They hold online giveaways so check out their account @choicemusicla!

  • Music Plaza 

Music Plaza can be found in the filled with countless CD’s, magazines, posters, and even some meme t-shirts. You’ll find an assortment of music from K-pop, OSTs, Jazz, ballads, and more. You also get freebies and stickers when you get albums here too. Music plaza does raffles from time to time, to get a ticket to enter all you have to do is purchase an item in-store! Music Plaza can be found in the Koreatown Plaza on the bottom floor. 


  • Nature Republic 

Korean skincare and more, that’s what you’ll find in Nature Republic! The store is right above the Wilshire and Western metro station so you don’t have to walk much if you’re visiting. You can find lotion, hair creams, makeup, face masks, and cute nail polish. There are EXO standees to keep you company while browsing.  

  • Namoo

Want a plant for your room or a cute souvenir? Namoo has your back! This store on the corner of K-town, South Western Ave and West 3rd Street to be more specific, is filled with cute succulents and plants. The name is actually the romanization of 나무 which is ‘tree’ in Korean. You can find the best plants for your house and they even deliver! 

K-town has much more to offer! There’s dessert shops, boutiques, and some nice scenery from time to time. No matter where you go there’s always something new to discover. Koreatown is not only filled with stores and shops, but it’s also filled with Seoul. (Please excuse that bad pun.) Where do you want to visit in K-town? Tell us below!

Written by Stephanie Lemus

Noodles, Noodles!

Noodles, a lengthy food enjoyed by many around the world, is given a twist from culture to culture. Though globally-known ramen is often mentioned when thinking of noodles, so many other noodle-based dishes are out there waiting to be eaten that can be healthier, tastier and simply just different to one’s tastes!  From ramen to pho, there is so much to know about these dishes and their main ingredient: noodles. Here’s a variety of noodles and the greatest Korean dishes made with them!


This light brown noodle made from buckwheat and wheat flour is chewy and best used for cold dishes. Perfect for this summer heat! One popular dish made with soba noodle is jaengban guksu (쟁반국수), a cold noodle dish served in a large platter with vegetables meant to be shared with a large number of people due to it being more than one serving. The noodles are mixed with a tangy spicy red chilli sauce. Jaengban meaning large “platter” and guksu meaning “noodle.”


Chewy and thick, udon is made from wheat flour and can be served either hot or cold! Although it is commonly served as a bowl of steaming brothy soup, this udon is sure to fill you up during cold and gloomy days. A dish that should be considered is kimchi udon noodle stir fry (김치 우동 볶음), with a spicy taste mixed with vegetables. This dish is the same as kimchi fried rice, but with the substitution of udon noodles. 

Glass Noodles 

Made from mung bean starch, they are glossy and translucent, being either thin or wide. These noodles can be used for salads, soups, and spring rolls. A trending dish seen all over YouTube by mukbangers is glass noodles and tteokbokki. The glass noodles are quick to absorb sauces, making this dish spicier than one would think!

Rice noodles

Made from rice flour and gluten-free, these noodles are great for those who want a healthier option. Rice noodles are commonly flat and sometimes as wide as a centimetre. The thinner version is called rice sticks! 

Sweet Potato Noodles 

Composed of sweet potato starch, as the name implies, these noodles cook quickly! They are similar to rice noodles being glossy, slippery, chewy, but are firm and translucent! This noodle is very well-known to Korean dishes! 

Japchae (잡채) is a well-known dish of a mixture of different vegetables that can be made with either rice or sweet potato noodles. It was once considered a royalty dish and is served on the first and sixteenth birthday, along with other special occasions. Japchae can be served as a main or side dish, depending on how much you’re craving it!

Noodles truly are an art, and so much more than ramen! The various types of noodles can all be enjoyed in different ways. Whether you want your noodles hot, cold, stir-fried or gluten-free, there is something for everyone! Which noodle is a must try for you? 

Written by Andrea Villarreal

Korean Gel Nails 💅

Get your nails done!

Korean nail art and manicures are beautiful, often designed with rhinestones, charms, and more. Many manicures in Korea are done with gel polish, which generally lasts longer than regular polish. If you enjoy getting your nails done and want to know just a little more behind Korean manicures, be sure to keep reading, Fam!

You can add many pretty charms or stones on your nails to make them personal and unique. The polishes you can choose from are endless and come in many marvelous colors. Just like any manicure, getting gel nails, especially with the special touch of designs that Korean manicures offer, could take hours. But the time spent is worth it as they can typically last a month before there’s visible need of a touch up or a new manicure. They typically cost around $50 USD or 50,000 won.

The nail art and manicures that are popular in Korean fashion are very aesthetically pleasing, and many Korean nail artists like sharing their work on social media to showcase their talent, exposing the world of Korean manicures to the rest of us who enjoy getting our own nails done. We recommend following a hashtag, such as 이달의아트 on Instagram, to see different designs from different artists. You may find inspiration for what to get for yourself the next time you want to treat yourself to a good manicure!

Getting your nails done in Korea is a popular video trend on YouTube. Many YouTubers share their experience on the platform, so you can get even more information by checking them out and visually see it happening!

Overall, there is something about Korean gel nails and nail art that is hard to ask others to replicate sometimes. You could potentially try it yourself, and if you do, be sure to tell us how it goes in the comments below!

Written by Catherine Tai

Mind Tricks: Food That’s Not What It Seems

As if the invention of food wasn’t the greatest gift ever, chefs and cafes have upped the ante by putting in a considerable amount of effort in how they present different food items. One is sure to be startled with these intricate delicacies because these dishes might be completely different from what you imagine them to be. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s start exploring!

  • Dessert on Pasta? 

Cafe D’five comes with the classic Instagram aesthetic we all enjoy but with an extra special twist. Although the menu consists of several mouthwatering items, one of the most ordered dishes is this pink cream cheese pasta. The presentation of this dish steals the show!

  • Peachy Goodness

Are your eyes fooling you just yet? Because ours sure is! Dessert Lab will pleasantly surprise you with their cheesecakes. Shaped into cute little peaches, these are not only rich in flavor but pleasing to the eye. Get your camera ready for the perfect Instagram picture!  

  • Tteok 

Tteok, or rice cake, is a popular Korean dessert enjoyed by many! The chewy consistency matches perfectly with its sweet taste. Tteok being a staple Korean dish has managed to stay with us over the years but the way it is presented has undergone a very pleasant change. The flower design adds a sense of royalty to this age-old recipe! 

  • Watermelon Rice Cakes 

Watermelons are our best friends to beat the harsh summer heat. But what if I tell you this watermelon looking items, in fact, come with no hint of watermelon whatsoever? Don’t be disheartened just yet because they are delicious! Watermelon-shaped rice cakes are a good way of preserving traditional recipes yet catering to the new generation. 

  • Cactus Cookies 

This one sure reminds us of dessert heaven! Creamfields cafe comes with various cookies and cupcakes that will leave your sweet cravings absolutely satisfied. These cookies are soft and crunchy and are topped with the perfect cactus-shaped cream. Get yourself a drink of your choice to go with the cookies and enjoy! 

  • Cafe Tape Cakes 

If you are confused as to what this piece of art might be, hold your breath. Cafe Tape, owned by DJ and Producer, VIANN, is famous for its beautiful dessert items that are adorned with magnificent artworks. It almost looks like the cake has a whole galaxy right inside of it and who knows, it might as well! 

  • Potted Flower Cakes 

D’cube Department Store

Located right beside a florist, Dcube department store has taken it upon themselves to surprise their customers. This might not exactly look like a dessert but it sure tastes fantastic! Delicious pastry filled with a sponge cake, topped off with rich icing is something very few people would pass.

Dessert Lab

Speaking of potted plants gets us to the delicious goodies presented to us by, none other than, Dessert Lab. It might be hard to bite into them, but you won’t regret it once you do!

Enjoying a good meal can flip a bad day on its head. Cafes and restaurants in Korea are trying to make this experience more fun and interesting with their unique dishes and extravagant presentations. To all the food lovers out there, have fun experimenting with what you eat! 

What is the wildest dish you ever tried?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Sayantani Banerjee