Insta-worthy Attractions: The Best Places to Take Aesthetic Photos at Lotte World

Lotte World is a theme park that is very popular in South Korea. Your favorite idols go, and you can go as well! While you’re there, why not take some really cute pictures as memories and to spice up your feed? Here are some great spots in Lotte World to take aesthetic pictures!

  • The Famous Lotte World Castle at Magic Island

This blue and beige castle is a symbol of Lotte World, and is located in their Magic Island. You can take the picture while walking into the castle or visit the designated photo area. Either way, the atmosphere is so nice and the background is sure to be really pretty.

  • The Carousel in Lotte World Adventure

Another symbol of Lotte World is the classic indoor carousel in Lotte World Adventure. Whether night or morning, the carousel is still a very aesthetic place. The only difference is at night they turn on the lights. Whether it is a solo, couple, or group picture, having the carousel in the background won’t disappoint!

  • Gureolssahan Studio in Lotte World

Lotte World has a mini photo studio called Gureolssahan Studio located on the fourth floor of Lotte World Adventure. I went there on my trip to Lotte World last summer, and I can tell you firsthand, there are so many great photo opportunities. Several photo areas are prepared each with its own perk. Some are vibrant colors while others may be a little toned down. There are props and the lighting is bomb! Don’t forget to stop by Gureolssahan Studio and use their free photo areas for a guaranteed insta worthy picture!

  • Anywhere with Accessories!

With any of the hair accessories that Lotte World offers, your picture is bound to be 200% cuter so it doesn’t matter where you take it! The theme park sells adorable headbands with ears; and small clips with heart, clouds, leaves, etc. that can make your memory even more vivid. You may have even seen the Fever Guys Fam wearing some of these cute clips on our Instagram posts!

From a selfie to someone taking a picture of you, these hair accessories make everything better, especially with a fun experience associated with it. Now you have a souvenir and an amazingly awesome picture.

Have you visited Lotte World before? What were your favorite picture spots? Leave a comment and let us know!

Cover Image: Wanna One (Stone Music Entertainment)

Enough Bulgogi, Try Mulgogi!

Mulgogi? 물고기? You might be asking what that is. It’s Korean for fish! What do you think of when it comes to seafood snacks? Shrimp chips, fish sausage, and bungeoppang might be the typical things that you might think of. Though, there are many other snacks out there. From squid to seaweed, you can find the entire ocean in an aisle close by.

You can’t go wrong with some ramyeon! If you’re hesitant to jump straight into squid, try out Nongshim Neoguri Stir-Fry Noodles in the flavor spicy seafood! You’ll get a taste of the sea, with shrimp and crab. You could even watch the K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea while eating it. Relax and enjoy! The mermaids won’t mind.

Squid can be tough to chew, but if you’re a fan of any kind of jerky, try this out! Samyang’s Spicy Chicken-flavored Squid can be found at your local H-Mart or on their website.

WARNING!: It’s very spicy. Not mildly spicy, but make your eyes water a little kind of spicy. If the spiciness isn’t for you, try a snack that involves a different type of mollusk.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, get a bag of Tako octopus chips! They don’t have any actual octopi but they do have octopus flavoring. They’re even shaped like little octopi, albeit Nongshim took a little artistic liberty with it. With the cute shape and great fishy taste, what more could you want! You can also find them at your local H-Mart or online.

If octopus chips sound a little too extreme, there’s always cuttlefish chips! Their spiciness is less intense than the chips that were previously mentioned. It’s tastes like, “grilled cuttlefish and butter,” according to the official website, and they just might be your new favorite snack.

Lastly, there’s the classic roasted seaweed. You can’t get a better taste of the sea! Lightly salted, it’s an easy snack to enjoy when you’re on the go. Seaweed is also a great snack to have with beer. You can get seaweed in many stores but there’s also a way to make it at home. Maangchi has a great tutorial, so check it out!

Does a mulgogi sound good now, or does there need to be another list? Either way, thank you for coming in on this journey through the sea. Will you dive in and try them?

7 Apps Any K-Pop Fan Needs

With the K-pop scene constantly moving, fans have to make sure they’re keeping up with everything as much as they can. There are a lot more apps to keep you updated than you might think to help you stay up to date with the latest K-pop trends while you wait for your faves to have a comeback.

Check out these seven apps to help you see K-pop in a new way:

  • Eggbun Learn Korean

Wanting to pick up Korean? Eggbun is perfect for those who want to start learning. This chat-style app can help you pick up phrases, questions, and more through speaking, texting, and reading. Start learning the basics through this app so you can start singing along to your favorite songs in no time.

  • V-Live Live Streaming

Sure, watching music videos is a good way to see your favorite K-pop idols, but sometimes it’s best to see them when they’re just relaxing. V-Live allows you to watch your faves goofing off and talking to fans in real time (or from earlier dates if you’re feeling those throwback feels).

  • KPOP Amino Socializing App

With K-pop being known across the globe, the K-pop community is also constantly growing. A great app to meet fans with the same interests as you is KPOP Amino! This app isn’t just for meeting new people, but is also great for keeping up with news through blog posts, photos, quizzes, and more!

  • SuperStar Rhythm Game

Looking for a way to pass time? Check out the SuperStar apps! This app is perfect for anyone who wants to check their rhythm skills while listening to K-Pop. With its growing popularity, this app has released many different versions that focus on different companies, such as PLEDIS, SM, and more!

  • K-Pop Tiles Rhythm Game

Another game that is perfect for those who love listening to K-pop while passing time is K-pop Tiles. It is a little bit less competitive than the SuperStar, but just as fun. With a little more variety on one app, this game is perfect for a quick study break.

  • Snow Photo Filters
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즐거운 설 보내요 원스❤️

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Need to start getting ready for your next selca day post? Use the app most K-pop idols use to post those cute selfies with the fun filters over them: Snow! This app, similar to Snapchat, includes a lot of cute filters that are perfect for an aesthetic selca post.

  • Coverstar  Short Videos

You’ve probably been seeing those K-pop dance covers on your explore Instagram page, or maybe you’re following some cover artists. Coverstar is the perfect app to apply music behind your videos, whether it be for singing, dancing, or just background music.

If you ever get bored make sure to add these apps to your home screen! Ranging from rhythm games to a photo editing apps, there is a variety of options for every K-pop fan.

Let us know what your favorite K-pop app is and why it’s your favorite!

Getting Festive with Korean Holidays!

Holidays around the world can differ from the ones in the United States. Each country has its own customs and traditions that often blend into their holidays. In Korea, some of the holidays are the same, but most of us living in the U.S. have likely never heard of many others. Starting from the beginning of the year, let’s go through some of the most prominent holidays Koreans celebrate:


January 1 – New Year’s Day

Like other countries, the first day of the new year is celebrated. This day, however, isn’t as widely celebrated in Korea as the Korean Lunar New Year, Seollal.

February 5 – Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year)

Seollal is the Korean version of Chinese New Year, and is a very special holiday that usually lasts for three days. Not only do many businesses close during this time, but many people take days off of work to travel back to their hometowns and spend time with their families.

February 14 – Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day in Korea is similar to that of the United States. However, unlike the United States, this day is mainly when women give chocolate to men as a sign of affection.

March 14 – White Day

White Day is also similar to Valentine’s Day, but instead of the women giving gifts, the men do. On this day, men usually view the “Rule of Three,” which means that the gift they are giving should be roughly three times the value of the gift they received on Valentine’s Day.

April 14 – Black Day

Black Day in Korea is a special day, not for couples, but instead for the singles around the country! Single people come together to sit and eat jjajangmyeon in order to “mourn” the fact that they are single.

May 5 – Children’s Day

This day is to celebrate children and the bounds they go through to become good adults. Parents hope for their children to grow up healthy and become good citizens. To reward them for their behavior, parents take them to parks, zoos, or to the cinema for a day of fun.

May 12 – Buddha’s Birthday

Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth month according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. At many temples across Korea, rituals are held, and lanterns are strung up in the streets leading to those temples.

September 12-14 – Chuseok

One of the most important and festive Korean holidays, Chuseok, often referred to as “Korean Thanksgiving,” is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. Typically, people go back to their hometown and celebrate by eating many different foods, including the most popular, songpyeon—a sweet and nutty rice cake. This holiday symbolizes the beginning of fall, so most of the food is prepared using the new year’s crops.

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Happy #KoreanThanksgiving! #🇰🇷 🎎🍁🙏 I’m so grateful to be in Seoul with my mom and aunt’s family for #Chuseok (#추석) aka, Autumn harvest festival. Love this colorful spread of food they prepared for us including Galbi (갈비), Jeon (전, flour & egg battered fried fish, meat, veggies), colorful Gujeolpan (#구절판, medley of proteins & veggies w/ wheat flour pancake), and various banchan (반찬) & #kimchi (#김치). As much as I enjoy dining out, nothing beats food made by and shared with loved ones. ❤️ #jeaniuseatskorea . . . #jeaniuseats #koreanfood #koreanfeast #foodiesofinstagram #nycfoodblogger #cntraveler #passionpassport #wanderlust #traveldeeper #traveljeollado #travelforfood #imagineyourkorea #igkorea #explorekorea #visit_korea @korean_nyc #koreannyc #koreanamerican

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October 9 – Hangul Day

In 1445 A.D., King Sejong the Great commissioned a team of scholars to create the Korean language. On October 9, 1446, Hangul was made the official alphabet of Korea and is celebrated every year on that day.

November 11 – Pepero Day

This unofficial holiday is similar to Valentine’s Day, but instead of women giving gifts to the men, people exchange boxes of the chocolate-covered cookie snacks with friends, co-workers and lovers.

December 25 – Christmas

This holiday is celebrated how most other countries celebrate, with trees and lights all around Korea. Since it is an official holiday, people have the day off of school and work, but go back the next day and await for the longer break later in the new year.

What’s interesting is that these are only some of most celebrated holidays that Korea has to offer.

Which of these do you celebrate?

Stop, Smell, and Eat Cherry Blossoms On The Go

The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming… It’s the perfect time to go to the park, eat a delicious picnic lunch, and have a relaxing day. Of course, our busy day-to-day lives do not stop just for the sight of a flower blooming or because it is hot today.

Although we must work that 9-to-5 to survive, we can still find moments to spare so that we can eat and smell the cherry blossoms. Luckily, many Korean convenience stores and fast food restaurants offer limited release items for the season. On your way to your next destination, consider stopping by and grabbing some deliciously spring-themed fuel!

Cherry Blossom Burger

No one knows how to celebrate cherry blossom season quite like GS25 convenience stores! Not only did they come out with cherry blossom beverages, but also a cherry blossom burger! These aesthetically-pleasing burgers consist of burger patty, onion, sauce, and lettuce sandwiched with large beautiful pink buns. This is quite the Instagramable burger!  

Cherries Jubilee Sandwich

A sandwich for dessert?! GS25 is coming through with the unusual sandwiches this spring! This sandwich is sweet rather than savory with a whip filling containing whole cherries in between slices of white bread. Try this collaboration between GS25 and Baskin Robbins. It may put you in mind of an ice cream sandwich!

Strawberry Donuts

In Korea, Dunkin’ Donuts has a selection of yummy strawberry sweets, including strawberry-flavoured donuts featuring Sanrio’s Hello Kitty!


Starbucks always thrives during springtime! They usually release pretty products of tumblers with flower design and have even made cherry blossom drinks in the past.

This spring, Starbucks has released a few different items to try. They have produced a limited time coffee flavour, “Spring Season Blend” which contains cherry flavour.

While you’re at Starbucks stocking up on coffee, grab a freshly made drink to-go with their spring drink, the sweet Strawberry Latte!

Starbucks also offers a wide variety on their menu including frappuccinos and snacks. During the spring season, this includes the Strawberry and Green Tea frappuccino, cake, and croissant.

Strawberry Chiller

Wash it all down and refresh yourself from the heat with this strawberry smoothie from McDonald’s that will satisfy both sweet and sour craving!

What’s your favourite fast food item? Which will you try next?
Let us know in the comments below!

Want more spring-themed food? Check out Spring Into Spring With These Limited Release Snacks!

All About The Brightest Group In K-Pop: SHINee

On May 5, 2008, SM Entertainment debuted a group that would shine the brightest light into each of their fans’ life—SHINee. Taking on the concept of a younger boyfriend, SHINee debuted with a cheerful, contemporary R&B song called “Replay (누난 너무 예뻐).” Immediately capturing the hearts of many fans, they earned many awards in their first year, including Best New Asian Artist, Rookie of the Month, Best Newcomer, Popularity and more!

Here’s what you need to know about this talented five-membered group:

SHINee is 5

As the leader of the group, Onew, or Lee Jinki, is humble and sincere. He has a strong love for fried chicken and telling dad jokes. Although he has an incredibly strong finger flick, he can be a little clumsy at times; thus, creating the term “Onew condition.” In addition to his powerful and distinct vocal ability, Onew has also starred in many shows such as Descendants of the Sun.

Although Jonghyun passed away in December 2017, Shawols still consider him a member of SHINee. The multi-talented Jonghyun was a singer, songwriter, producer, radio host, and author. Through his powerful words, he brought comfort to those struggling with mental health and supported the LGBT community. To continue his legacy and support young artists, Jonghyun’s family opened the Shiny Foundation with the profit made from his posthumous album, Poet | Artist.

Key, or Kim Kibum, is a man of many talents. Key’s ability to multitask will never cease to amaze me. Between filming variety shows, starring in movies, and releasing a solo album, it’s a wonder how he still has time to sleep. Out of all the members of SHINee, Key is the best cook. His special dish? Oil Pasta. Even label mate BoA approves of Key’s cooking.

Flaming Charisma Minho is known for his fierce competitiveness. Like Key, Minho is also an actor. He has starred in Medical Top Team, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior, and has even won awards for his work in To The Beautiful You.

SHINee’s maknae, Taemin, seems manly during his solo promotions, but when he is around his hyungs, he is a troublemaker. Following his passion for dancing, he quickly became known as one of the best dancers in the K-pop industry. When Taemin first debuted, he was very quiet and introverted. Now, he has broken out of his shell and can’t seem to stop roasting his friends and Shawols.

It’s A SHINee World

If you are a fan of SHINee, you are a part of SHINee World; however, members of SHINee World are called Shawols for short. In concerts, the fandom color (pearl aqua) is bright and distinct, similar to that of a beautifully bright blue sea.

The Plagiarism

When Taemin made his solo debut, he named his album Ace. Following Taemin’s solo debut, Jonghyun made his solo debut and named his album Base. Taemin pointed out the similarity between the two albums and jokingly said that Jonghyun had plagiarized the name. Jonghyun explained to Taemin that they are connected. To carry on the tradition, Onew and Key named their solo debut albums with words that rhyme with “ace” (Voice and Face, respectively).  

Dogs of SHINee

In 2010, Jonghyun’s older sister, Sodam, gave him a sweet and gentle puppy as a gift. At a young age, the puppy peed on one of Minho’s shirts. To make it up to him, Jonghyun let Minho name the puppy. Thus, ByulRoo was named; however, many people call her “Roo” for short. The amount of comfort and joy that Roo brought Jonghyun inspired him to write “End of a Day.”

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Key is a father to two dogs, Comme Des (brown) and Garçons (black). Compared to Roo, Key’s dogs have a lot more energy. Since so many fans enjoyed seeing updates on Comme Des and Garçons, he opened an Instagram specifically for them. From photos of them spending time outside to photos of them relaxing at home, fans get to see a little bit inside the life of Key.

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즐건 추석 보내시오

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Taemin also has two dogs, Adam (white) and Eve (brown). Since Taemin is not very active on social media, fans rarely see updates on Adam and Eve. In 2017, Taemin brought his dogs on the TAEMIN: Xtra cam ‘Taem-in Today’, and mentioned that they do not listen well to him. Sound familiar?

The best part of being a part of SHINee World is the trust and respect between SHINee and their fans. Not only do Shawols take care of SHINee but SHINee also takes care of Shawols. SHINee World is not just a fan base, it is a family.

Cover Image: SHINee (SM Entertainment)

The Culture of Concentration and Caffeine at Korea’s Study Cafés

Studying is a huge part of the lives of students. In Asia especially, studying culture is huge, and there are even study cafés in Korea.

What are the study cafés?

Due to students having different study habits and possibly not having the most ideal place to concentrate at home, study cafés in Korea offer an alternative to help students focus. Some are open twenty-four hours to cater to the varying times of day that each person is most productive. Students have expressed interest in study cafés over other places to study because of the environment as well.

What does the study café offer?

Obviously, it is a place to study, but most cafés have multiple rooms with different arrangements and styles of chairs and desks. For example, some desks are closed off so you can not see others studying versus other desks that provide your own space with the capability of seeing others studying for some motivation. The creators of study cafés leave it all up to the customers and their preferred study method. Most places that you pay to enter also offer tea and coffee machines for free if beverages are needed during your study session. Others have places with food and beverages on hand for which you can pay extra. Some cafés offer a printer and laptop as well. The cafe also includes heaters, air conditioning, and may even have humidifiers do make the environment the most comfortable for their customers.

Here is an example of a set up, but there are many more:

How do you pay?

Payment depends on the cafe you are visiting. Some, like the ones that offer free coffee and tea, make you pay per hour for a spot in the cafe. Others may let you buy a beverage and that will equate to a certain amount of hours in the cafe.

Overall, study cafés have been on the rise in Korea, and hopefully will spread to different countries as well. The idea is very helpful for students, providing an area that may ensure actual studying versus environments that are too noisy or crowded.

Would you want to go to a study cafe?

Korean Cereals to Jumpstart Your Day

You know the saying: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” If you start your day off with some horrible cereal, then odds are you’re not going to have a great one. Don’t look at me like that, it’s facts!

So, when you take your dream trip to Korea, make sure you start your day off correctly with some of the best cereals!

  • Oreo O’s

Everyone knows the scrumptious little cookie that has specific rules to eat it that, let’s be honest, no one does. The lovely taste of Oreos has been scientifically input into each of the little ‘O’ shapes in this cereal, and as the “rule” states, you’re still technically dipping the Oreos in milk! Cool, right? Globally available until 2007, this cereal is now exclusive to South Korea.

  • Kellogg’s Chex Choco

You may be familiar with Chex cereal (or Shreddies, if you’re from England like me), the wheaty crosshatch cereals that come in multiple different flavours. Korea has its own chocolate version that comes with a variety of options, too! You can have strawberry flavoured pieces in there, or even ‘snow balls,’ to name a few; and by looking at them you can tell they’re going to give you that sugar rush in the morning.

  • Kellogg’s Almond Flakes

Now, you could just eat plain cereal with no taste and no WOW factor or you could put that spoon down and go and order some of these funky Almond Flakes! Nutty cereal is nothing out of the ordinary, but almond cereal is less common, and these delicious flakes have the protein to start your day and the sweet, nutty taste of almonds. What’s not to love?

  • Coco Ball

Going back down sugar street, here’s another chocolate flavour cereal to add a bit of crunch to your mornings! If they’re not quite your style, then maybe you know someone who might like them: a younger sibling, your child, niece or nephew? I’m sure they’ll love them. Letting them eat their favourite part of the food table, sugar, while also introducing them to food from a different country!

Do any of these cereals particularly stand out to you?

Let us know in the comments which ones you want to try the most! We love to hear from our SnackFever Fam!

From Sketch to Screen: K-Dramas Based on Webtoons!

Ever finish a drama and slip into the worst of slumps? You’re sad because it’s over, it’s the last time you’ll get to see those characters interacting, and that realization just stomps all over your heart. Don’t worry, not all dramas end with the last episode. In some cases, the characters originated, and live on, in the world of the webtoon! You can go back and read about your favorite character’s antics all over again.

Here are 5 K-dramas that were based on webtoons:

Cheese In The Trap

Cheese in the Trap premiered in 2016 on tvN, and garnered quite a bit of success. It starred Park Hae-Jin (Man to Man), Kim Go-Eun (Goblin), and Seo Kang-Joon (Are You Human?). The show was popular amongst fans of the webtoon, as well as incoming viewers who tuned in week after week to watch the budding romance between Yoo-Jung (Park Haejin), and Hong Seol (Kim Go-Eun). The webtoon was originally published on Naver Webtoon in 2010, and was illustrated by an artist named Soonkki. It ran for seven years, with the last chapter being posted in 2017. A hard copy of the series began printing in 2014, and over time collected a total of fifteen volumes. But you don’t have to purchase Cheese in the Trap in order to read it because it can be found on Line Webtoon for free!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

This drama is the only one on the list that holds three different adaptations! What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim starred Park Seo-Joon (Fight For My Way) and Park Min-Young (Her Private Life) as the conceited boss who fell in love with his adorable secretary. The drama was originally a novel of the same title written by Jung Kyung-Yoon and published in 2013. Two years later, it was serialized into a webtoon by Kakao to be put onto the site TappyToon. The webtoon ran for ninety-eight episodes, and in 2018, the K-drama made its debut on tvN as the newest version of this beloved series.

Clean With Passion For Now

The most recently released drama on this list, Clean with Passion For Now, aired on JTBC from November 2018 to February 2019, starring Kim Yoo-Jung (Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) as the messy female lead and Yoon Kyung Sang (Doctors) as our germaphobe male lead. It originated from a webtoon with the same title by Aengo that was first published by Kakao in 2013, and two years later, was published by Comico Korea. The series came to a conclusion in 2015 after having over 130 chapters posted!

Sweet Stranger and Me

Sweet Stranger and Me was based on the webtoon The Man Living In Our House by Yoo Hyun-Sook. It aired on KBS2 in 2016; and starred Soo Ae (Mask), Lee Soo-Hyuk (Lucky Romance), and Kim Young Kwang (Love At First Sight) as the leads. The webtoon was released in 2015, finding a home at Spottoon where it ran for sixty chapters before reaching the series end.

Lucky Romance

Lucky Romance was a 2016 MBC drama that starred Ryu Jun-Yeol (Reply 1988) and Hwang Jung-Eum (The Undateables). Its webtoon counterpart was written by Dallim Kim, and was published by Naver in 2014. It’s the shortest webtoon series on this list, ending in 2017 after forty-one installments. The webtoon resides on Line Webtoon for international viewers to also enjoy!

Knowing that not all dramas end with their final episode will hopefully give you some comfort! For which of these dramas are you most excited to start the webtoon?

Did we miss your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

5 Chicken-Flavored Snacks For Chicken Lovers

Do you love some good chicken as much as SHINee’s Onew or Stray Kids’ Woojin does? As much as you may love it, sometimes it’s not that quick or easy to go out and order freshly prepared Korean fried chicken. Here are some savory snacks to help satisfy you until your next date with chicken:

Don’t you hate it when you order chicken nuggets to-go, but by the time you get around to eating it, they aren’t as crispy as they once were? Not to worry! Nongshim has got you covered with their chicken nugget snack. This is a crunchy, perfectly bite-sized chicken-flavored snack made simply for convenience.

Although it may appear to be flavored popcorn, Chicken Hot Gangjeong is a flavored rice puff with the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The spice level is not so extreme that it will set your mouth ablaze, but it is not so mild that you would be left unsatisfied. Once you start eating this snack, you will find it difficult to stop.

Out of all the chicken-flavored snacks, this one has to be the cutest. I mean, how can you resist a snack that is in the shape of a small drumstick? Not only is the shape of the snack adorable, but the packaging is also designed to look similar to a chicken take-out box.

You’ve probably heard about all of the spicy chicken-flavored ramen, but have you heard of spicy chicken-flavored udon? This is one of my personal favorites. Not only is it a quick and easy meal, but it also tastes delicious. The sauce is indeed very spicy; yet, has a slight sweetness to it, making it a pleasantly tearful experience.

Orion’s Oh! Gamja chicken-flavored snack is one that won’t leave you feeling guilty about devouring the whole bag in one sitting. Each piece is shaped like a hollow french fry, giving each a satisfyingly crunchy texture. Did I mention that Orion also has a few flavors that come with their own dipping sauce? I’ll take one of every flavor, please!

What’s the best chicken flavored snack that you have ever had?

Cover Image: Oh My Girl (WM Entertainment)